Saturday, 27 February 2010

seventies momma

Check out my beautiful 70s mommy!

That's my gene-dad there too but we don't know much about him so... he does look like my brother tho!

I guess my mum is just 21 here, big hair, love the hat! i believe she made that dress herself and folks i'm more than a twinkle on this special day ;)

i was at my uncle Alan's the other day and talking about how i would go about tracking down my long lost gene-dad... seems i have to get me to the library to trawl electoral rolls etc, all seems very dull with more rejection at the other end a real possibility! lol (yeah laugh it up jodester!)

so he says hey check out these old pics i have and dishes out 5 old family albums with pics such as above for me to coo over! pictures like these are priceless... i wonder what she was thinking when this was taken, another shot shows some serious platform shoes (i'm so proud!) so maybe her feet were aching after a long day of wedding nonsense... maybe she was looking fwd to the disco (she is still a party animal!)

i read an article a year or so ago about a photo website that was asking for pics of people's parents from when they were young... lots of cool snaps were loaded up from the 50s/ 60s/ 70s.. might just have to find the site and add my own folks to the collection!

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