Monday, 21 November 2011


This be the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, known locally as the wigwam on account of its unusual shape... I love that in my home city there is a cathedral on either end of Hope Street... well done city planners that day! I also love that they're so obviously in competition with each other, the Modernist design of the building was intentionally in direct contrast to the Gothic design of the Anglican cathedral down the road... but I recently found out that both cathedrals were not completed as originally designed, the Anglican should have had two towers but only has one and the wigwam was supposed to be a massive building that was scaled down due to costs (God has to pay the bills too it seems!) if you do get to visit my fair city, the tower of the wigwam is made up of stained glass which is really fab when you go inside... but on a sunny day the view from the top of the Anglican cathedral tower is quite breath-taking :)