Sunday, 6 January 2013

singer songwriter

Song for Todd is a song I've witten about Todd White picture She Never Sleeps Alone...
this pic is of the scribbled lyric sheet, I had a few rewrites on this before I felt it was done 
but done it is and I'll be performing it live next weekend at Heebies for Be Lovely Day
If you fancy listening to some of my music you can find it on my SheBeat page 

retro print

LOVE this poster... think I got it via Facebook.. 
you know how it is these days - so much lovely stuff coming at you from every angle 
- hard to remember how it all happened after the fact... 
sufficient to say that IF I ever get me an album cover... (see SheBeat
there NEEDS to be some art work like this 
- friendly graphic artists form an orderly queue please ;) 

fancy a cuppa?

I am a big fan of Yogi Tea - not only do they taste yummy* 
but they also come with a little yogi philosophy :) 
I'll not lie - sometimes you do wonder about the Yogis and some of those little titbits... 
but mostly they make you smile - which in my book goes a long way buddy! ;)  

*my fav is Jasmine thanks for asking ;) 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

brum tiki


interesting walls make a good pic sometimes don't ya think? :)

liver birds

with a difference!

Monday, 21 November 2011


This be the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, known locally as the wigwam on account of its unusual shape... I love that in my home city there is a cathedral on either end of Hope Street... well done city planners that day! I also love that they're so obviously in competition with each other, the Modernist design of the building was intentionally in direct contrast to the Gothic design of the Anglican cathedral down the road... but I recently found out that both cathedrals were not completed as originally designed, the Anglican should have had two towers but only has one and the wigwam was supposed to be a massive building that was scaled down due to costs (God has to pay the bills too it seems!) if you do get to visit my fair city, the tower of the wigwam is made up of stained glass which is really fab when you go inside... but on a sunny day the view from the top of the Anglican cathedral tower is quite breath-taking :)